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Extended Reality (XR) technologies are set to transform the way businesses operate, solving real-world problems with smart, digital solutions.

XR Tech is at the forefront of this pioneering new world. Our consultancy specialises in situational awareness, machine vision and industrial operational activities. With our full service XR solutions, we’ve helped clients drive digital transformation and automation, meaning safer, more efficient business operations.

The full-service XR consultancy

With our experienced team and the entire spectrum of XR technologies at your disposal, we’ll find the perfect solution for your unique business needs.

XR Solutions

We have a proven track record in developing XR solutions for a diverse range of use cases. Simply define your desirable end goal, and leave rest to us.

POCs and MVPs

We’ll work with you every step of the way. Using proof of concepts (POCs) and minimum viable products (MVPs), we collaborate with your team to ensure we’re always delivering the right outcomes for your business.

Geographic Information Systems

We help develop a strong GIS (Geographic Information System), which is key to understanding and improving your workplace.

MVS services

MVS is a collection of services, which work together to extract ‘outcome’ from captured images. MVS has access to real-time image feeds and image repositories.

XR tech experts

With over 20 years’ collective experience within the XR extended realities space, we have extensive knowledge of XR technologies and solutions. This enables us to recommend and build XR tech solutions, which are fully customised for your business needs.

AI logic mapping

XR Sense runs several services to process data, then generates outcomes, livetime alerts and an outcome execution service. Admin managers can configure their business set up, users and devices.

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