Meet the team series: John Thurgood

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Introducing Co-Founder & Director John Thurgood

With any successful product it is not only the amazing product itself, the technology behind it but also the team that drives it forward. In this series we introduce and highlight key personnel of XR Tech so that you can get to know our background and establish trust in our vision and path forward. 

I’m John “JT” Thurgood, Co-Founder and Director of this very innovative and ambitious team. I’m UK based and have had technical roles in Mobile, Billing and Geo solutions prior to development and commercial roles in Mobiles and Wearables. My experiences in Heavy Industry, Automotive, New Energy and other industries have given me valuable insight and a practical view on where value can be added operationally and commercially.

I’m struck by how connected we’ve all become, how thirsty for information we are and the increasing amount of activities we are expected to perform at higher levels of quality both in our personal and professional lives.

As a species we’ve long since surpassed the barriers that mother nature provides to the extent that we can rapidly produce vaccines, replace lost limbs and provide and act on instantaneous data analytics. Indeed, this century, many suggest that immortality will be practically available through replacing those damaged or worn parts and indeed, why not increase performance whilst we’re at it.

At XR Tech we see ourselves as being part of this “Augmenting the Human” process through driving innovation in Autonomous operations, developing and supporting workforces and systems that alleviate repetitive practices whilst enabling our workforces to do more, in-sutu, with what they have.

Having worked with Wearable manufacturers and delivered innovations into Global enterprises I am enthused, excited and honoured to be continuing this charge with XR Tech and it’s initial product “XR-Sense” which has been born of these experiences and I’m looking forward to more closely engaging the commercial channels once again.