XR Tech – the journey so far

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It was mid 2019 when we embarked on the XR journey, which would transform into the product we have launched this year called XR Sense. I was approached by two highly talented people working within the heavy industries sector with extensive experience in managing XR technologies and rolling them out across global enterprise. It started with a “wouldn’t it be great if …?” scenario which is common in my world of product engineering however the compelling differentiator this time was the uncanny similarities in our end goal, and vision.

It’s quite rare to engage in a high-level discussion, which quickly turns into a “ok what do we need to do to make this happen?” Within 15 mins of this call ending I was in a meeting with my R and D team discussing the potential of this project and within a further 30 mins we had agreed on the high level project deliverables.

For techies to apply all of their wisdom, ideas, vision into a project which can change the world, make real impact in end user environments and pave the way for smart transitions required. To ultimately solve real workday problems such as limited resources, human welfare and allowing us humans to use our time for creative tasks, rather than easy to manage automated tasks sounds dreamy. And it was, and much more.

So the dream team was established to create a desirable output, with a tangible benefit; an intelligent eco system allowing businesses to control, manage, optimise an environment, better support its workers, and increase levels of safety; a.k.a. the birth of XR Sense.

It’s been quite the journey; developing a rough cut PoC, testing and refining it more than a dozen times before establishing a product which is highly customisable, integratable into pre-existing solutions and scalable. I feel we have moved from a short introduction, an intense chapter 1 into an exciting chapter 2 of a complex story. Let’s see where the next few months take us. I am excited to discuss the potential with more partners as this year develops.

I welcome any stakeholders or interested parties within this arena ; XR Solutions, Computer Vision Machine Learning (Machine Vision), GIS (Geo Information Systems), Robotics, AI, and IoT to talk to us about how XR Sense can help them achieve their goals.

If you’re after an XR solution which allows you to set real targets, measure success, and iteratively improve these metrics then welcome to XR Sense.